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My name is Tayvon Lewis. I work with artists, songwriters, producers, and engineers. I have been producing music for over 10 years. Throughout my journey, I created brands that impacted artists and TV shows worldwide from Las Vegas to Korea. I created Dzasta Beatz and 808 King. I officially rebranded to TayTech Beats to align with my larger technology company. I have been involved in the art of creating music for over 15 years. I played in the marching band on the drumline for 10 years. I played for the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder Drumline. Music is my passion. I know music theory and I apply some of the best drum rhythms. I have met several music industry executives. I know what it takes to attract listeners and the diverse sound it takes to attract industry labels!

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I use FL Studio, Maschine Studio, and the Akai MPC One. I use Waves & Izotope Ozone for mixing and mastering!

Why invest into an instrumental that sounds the same as 100 instrumentals?? Invest into something highly listenable, stylish, catchy, feel-good, melodic, and rhythmic!!!

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