5 Instrumentals for a Podcast

Which instrumental will they choose?

5 beats 15 hours for a podcast instrumental

I received the opportunity to produce the instrumental for a national podcast called “Community Insite”. This podcast is about the family well-being movement happening across the child welfare sector. It focuses on stories and lessons from people on the ground who are building this movement for family well-being (i.e. changing practices and policies to support families rather than removing children and placing them in foster care). This show is part of a national site-based initiative called Thriving Families, Safer Children.

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Beat 1 – “Resilient Rhythms”

Bongos used in the resilient rhythm instrumental

Intertwining old-school sampling with modern hip-hop, this instrumental merges West African drum rhythms seamlessly. The dunumba, sangba, kenkeni, and djembe set the foundation, accompanied by a lively hand drum rhythm. Layered with contemporary trap snares and punchy kicks, the beat evolves with DJ scratches, showcasing the intuitive progression of music. Reflecting on the importance of evolution and unity, we recognize our shared humanity amid differences. Like the beat, we adapt and incorporate diverse elements, fostering growth and connection.

Beat 2 – “Unity Of Hope”

Drum Set Used in Unity of Hope

Combining various sounds, including symphonic elements and live drums, this instrumental creates a unified harmony, mirroring the importance of working together to support one another’s aspirations. Balanced by a funky electric guitar, it symbolizes the equilibrium necessary in life. The crescendo of horns signals the critical issues addressed in the podcast. With an upbeat hip-hop rhythm, the drums maintain authenticity while propelling the momentum forward. Emphasizing the need to progress authentically despite external pressures to conform, especially from those who haven’t experienced our challenges.

Beat 3 – “Community Resonance”

Emotive Strings used for community resonance

This instrumental features a quartet of strings, evoking a sense of heroism and hope. Accompanied by a funky guitarist playing an 80’s groove, reminiscent of a troubled era marked by the drug epidemic’s impact on communities. Emotional strings enhance the listener’s connection to the ongoing struggles faced by those harmed by systemic issues. With a saturated kick and crunchy clap, the track exudes raw intensity. Two lifter transitions provide moments of hope and optimism amidst adversity.

Beat 4 – “Insiteful”

Funk blues guitar used in the insiteful instrumental

This instrumental embodies the enduring struggles of intergenerational abuse, rooted in systems designed unfairly over 150 years ago. It echoes the ongoing inequities faced by many across different states today. The warm Southern blues rhythm of the guitar captures the essence of these challenges, while the blissful flute overlay adds a touch of positivity and hope. With golden hip-hop drums featuring over 15 percussion elements, the track exudes strength and raw emotion. Authentic horns, including trumpet, baritone, and saxophone, add a human touch, symbolizing our collective imperfections and flaws, not limited to those impacted by systemic injustices.

Beat 5 – “Rise Together”

Horns used in rise together instrumental

This instrumental embodies rapid progression, reflecting the ethos of our podcast: rise and take action. Starting with a soft melody that crescendos, it features soulful horns (saxophone, trombone, trumpet) alongside earthy kalimba and flute for added depth and positivity. The up-tempo drum rhythm, accented with an offbeat clap, encourages movement and momentum. As the pace quickens, a reverb clap is introduced to ensure cohesion and prevent disorientation amid rapid growth. It serves as a reminder of the importance of staying aligned with our collective purpose amidst dynamic change.

Software I used to create the instrumentals

I used Native Instruments and Maschine for Sound Design

Native Instruments offers a vast array of software tools that are invaluable for creating instrumentals for a podcast. Their software provides a plethora of benefits for music producers looking to enhance their audio productions. One of the standout features of Native Instruments software is the enormous amount of professional, high-quality, original sounds, and products it offers. Whether you’re looking for realistic virtual instruments, cutting-edge synthesizers, or unique effects processors, Native Instruments has you covered. These tools allow producers to access a wide range of sounds and textures to complement their content, helping their music stand out and capture listeners’ attention.

I used Fab Filter, Neutron, and Izotope Ozone for Mixing and Mastering

When it comes to crafting captivating instrumentals for a podcast, having the right tools for mixing and mastering instrumentals is essential. That’s where plugins like iZotope Ozone, iZotope Neutron, and FabFilter Q come into play. These three powerhouse tools offer an array of features designed to elevate your production’s audio quality to new heights. With iZotope Ozone, you can achieve unparalleled clarity and depth in your instrumentals, ensuring each element shines through with precision. iZotope Neutron provides intelligent processing that helps balance frequencies and sculpt the perfect sonic landscape for your instrumentals for a podcast. With FabFilter Q, you have precise control over shaping the tonal characteristics of your instrumentals, allowing for a polished and professional sound. Incorporating these plugins into your workflow ensures that your instrumentals for podcasts, TV shows, movies, and commercials are optimized for maximum impact and engagement.

Fab Filter


Izotope Ozone

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